With a down payment from as low as 10%, move into your dream home immediately and save on loan payments for 12 months.  Manage your budget, maximize cash flow and make the most of this opportunity to get the best home deal in town now!  

Purchaser only needs to pay:

i. 1% of purchase price at issuance of the option;  

ii. 9% upon exercising the option within 8 weeks from option date; 

iii. buyer’s stamp duty (3%) plus ABSD (where applicable), and

iv. 90% balance sum at completion 12 months later from the exercise option date. 

*Note:  Down payment payable:  

a) Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents - 10% (1%+9%)  

b) Foreigners - 15% (5%+10%)  
Upon paying the upfront 10%/15% down payment:

Purchaser would be allowed to collect the keys to their unit and move in.  

Purchaser would have 12 months to dispose off their existing property (if any) and have ample time to obtain their loan financing for the balance 85%/90%.  

If their existing property (i.e. matrimonial home) is sold within 6 months from the option exercise date for the new unit at d’Leedon or The Interlace, they would be able to apply for a refund of the ABSD paid subject to them fulfilling the authorities’ eligibility conditions. 

Advantages to you
-Enjoy the concession of an Early Occupation Period in a ready home while you plan to sell their existing property.

- Helps to ease  cash flow as it allows them more time to dispose your property.

- To apply for refund for the ABSD paid provided their existing property (i.e. matrimonial home) is disposed within 6mth from date of purchase. 

- Savings in interest payments over the 12 months. 

*Terms & Conditions Apply:


: 1) Purchaser agrees to perform, observe with and comply with the following during the Early Occupation Period:-

(a) not to lease, license or part with possession of any part of the Property;

(b) not to use the Property except for residential purposes;

(c) to comply with all laws and all the rules and regulations of the Management Corporation, including but not limited to those relating to the carrying out of alteration and additions works to the Property;  (d) to pay for all turning on fees for the supply of water, electricity and gas (if any) to the Property;

(e) the  shall be liable for all outgoings commencing on the day after the date of this Agreement, including but not limited to property tax, maintenance fund contributions and utilities charges; and

(f) to take up and keep on foot a sufficient all risks insurance coverage in respect of the Property.

2) The Stay-Then-Pay Programme is offered for a limited time period only at the sole absolute discretion of the developer.   

3) The down payment of 10%/15% would be forfeited should Purchasers fail to complete the sale when the 12 months period is due. 

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