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The Clement Canopy - Timeless, Curated, Coveted

The Clement Canopy, a new launch by local developer UOL.

Located along the Serene boulevard of Clementi Avenue 1, the development is home to 505 apartments, rising above in 2 40 Storeys towers. It takes aspiration from the meekly realm of the forest where the impresson of towering trees and calm flowing streams invoke a complete sense of immersion into the woods, wilderness and the state of tranquillity it offers to the senses.

The Clement Canopy's landscape deck is set against the backdrop of central estuarine-like stream that forms the heartbeat of the development. The mood of a forest, growing naturally and erratically , is juxtaposed against clusters of intimate shed-like structures. The elemental boundaries are broken down where the trees and structures are concerned - pavilion roofs share the same footprints as the garden trees, poetically creating shade from both forms of canopies.

Rising above the dramatic mirage of Clement Canopy created by sculptured streams and lush foliage, the 40 storey towers redefine the skyline of the West Coast and Clementi. Dwellings aer oriented to the North and South offering views to nature ( Bukit Timah Nature Reserves) and the coast of Singapore Straits.

The curated amenities and captivating landscape design, unique landscaping concept beyond facilities providing forest approach. Capitalising on the terrain , the lush and extensive landscape extends over three levels.

Curated 1st Storey, Lush landscape and undulating riverbeds, captivating landscape with towering trees and various pools.

Curated 2nd Storey, Private dining area to host parties and chill out, with scenic view at the gym on the second level.

Curated 3rd Storey, 50m pool and waterfall pods.

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